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Groundwork Center for Resilient Communities is a nonprofit collaborating respectfully with citizens and leaders to protect everything we love about Michigan.  

We focus on solutions that improve daily life and build community health—things like food, energy, transportation, and economy.
When it comes to food, we promote local farming, healthy food for kids and everyone, and new markets. 
When it comes to transportation, we support walking, biking, and public transit. 
When it comes to energy, we back renewable energy, energy efficiency, and local production. 
And when it comes to economy, we advocate for strong downtowns, affordable housing, and jobs that create value.       
Our work is member-driven and member-funded. I hope you will consider joining me and become a member as, together, we protect the environment, strengthen the economy, and build community. 


Think future. Act now. 

"We are a passionate group of advocates working to protect and enhance what makes this place so special. For us, that’s our lively towns and cities, our clean water, our farm and forest landscape, and the spirit of community that ties us all together. We build partnerships, raise awareness, and do our best to support what we see as an exciting community resilience movement that is gaining traction in Michigan. While our committed staff works hard to advance our pro-environment, pro-economy mission, our strength comes from the support, partnership, and involvement of thousands of people who share a sense of optimism that the effort we put forward today will lay the groundwork for a brighter future."

       ~HANS VOSS, Executive Director


Our vision of resilience in action. 

We work with people to build a thriving local farm and food economy; to make our towns and villages stronger, more walkable, bike-able, and transit-friendly; and to develop local, clean energy. We seek to achieve on-the-ground results in northwest Michigan and leverage them to support other communities and improvements to state policy. All of this is designed to strengthen the local economy, protect the environment, and build community.

Our values. 


We embrace honesty and civility at all times. We base our positions on facts and double-check them for the highest standards of accuracy. 


We build diverse collaborative partnerships and make a special effort to engage those who are often underrepresented, so that all have a voice and together we achieve broad-based solutions.


We apply best practices from across the nation to our program areas. We continuously explore home-grown strategies to improve them and we work to innovate replicable models that can help other places.


We believe strong facts and a compelling narrative are essential to raising awareness, inspiring action, and creating change—and we emphasize clear communication in all aspects of our work.


We are a solutions-based organization. We set ambitious goals and achieve measurable outcomes that benefit people, the economy, and the environment. We work with people from all walks of life to “get to yes.”