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Mandy Gibson

Mandy Gibson

Financial Manager

As financial manager, it’s no surprise that Mandy micro-manages things like tracking grant expenditures, individual program budgets and special projects. And, like the true numbers person she is, she “looks forward to the budget creation for our next fiscal year, which is an enormous job that requires many heads put together!”

But when Mandy leaves the office, she leaves the intensity of her work behind by singing bass with the Grand Traverse Show Chorus. She also loves to hike. “Near home, around the country and, as often as I can, around the world,” she says. “I car camp when I travel. Walking and camping from my car is so basic and simple.”

The financial management, the singing, the nature immersion, it might sound like disparate interests, but Mandy says it all finds singularity in her work at Groundwork. “Hiking along streams, in forests and through marshes emphasizes the important precious resources we have to protect, and singing in a group is about connection and community, just like Groundwork,” she says.

Good to know

In her spare time...

Mandy especially enjoys song. "Singing brings so much joy and sense of accomplishment to my life."

Favorite spots in northern Michigan

I love the North Country Trail which stretches 4500 miles from upstate N.Y. to North Dakota. The 100 mile section that passes through our area is some of the most varied, peaceful and beautiful of them all.

Why the prop?

"Singing brings so much joy and sense of accomplishment to my life."