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June 27, 2012 | |

There’s momentum building in the Traverse City region to make sure streets are safe for cyclists, pedestrians, and motorists.

Our friends at the TART Trails, the Land Information and Access Association (LIAA), and My Wheels Are Turning have teamed up to lead a coalition of local groups and citizens to move the concept of Complete Streets forward in Grand Traverse County.

The coalition is responding to a growing trend: families, neighbors, and commuters want streets they can bike, walk, and cross safely and conveniently.

Grand Traverse citizens continue to ask for safe streets for all users. (Photo by Gary Howe)

So, over the next two years, the coalition’s work will help citizens, businesses, and public officials gain a firm understanding of why Complete Streets are important and help our communities implement policies that make our streets safe and better for all.

While most of the work will be focused in Grand Traverse County, these lessons and tools can be used throughout the entire six-county Grand Vision region.

Want to get involved in the coalition?

1) Sign up for the Complete Streets Coalition email by contacting Julie Clark at [email protected]

2) Consider getting involved in one of these committees:

Education. This committee will facilitate a series of educational and outreach efforts. They will use PSAs, visual media, traditional media and informational public forums to help citizens gain a firm understanding of Complete Streets concepts. To get involved, contact Julie Clark: [email protected]

Policy. This committee will develop a model Complete Streets ordinance and resolution for the region and will help each community within the county in adopting policies. To get involved, contact Harry Burkholder: [email protected]

Mapping Complete Streets. This committee will develop a map of existing Complete Streets around the county so the coalition can plan for improvements. To get involved, contact: Harry Burkholder: [email protected]

Complete Streets Dashboard. This committee will work to determine how to measure the impact the Complete Streets Initiative and other transportation planning efforts have on the region over a period of time. To get involved, contact: Harry Burkholder: [email protected]

For upcoming meeting dates and more opportunities to participate, check out the Grand Vision’s Complete Streets coalition website:

The first meeting in developing a model Complete Streets Ordinance is scheduled for tonight at the LIAA offices (324 Munson Ave. – building with the large mural) at 4:00 p.m.

James Bruckbauer is the Michigan Land Use Institute’s transportation policy specialist. Follow him on Twitter at @jimbruckb. Reach him at [email protected].


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