Meet MLUI intern Jacob Gerstner

October 11, 2013 | |

This fall, Traverse City Central High School senior Jacob Gerstner is interning with MLUI. He’ll be doing some research and writing as part of his time with us. Here’s a brief introduction in his own words. 

Jacob Gerstner
Jacob Gerstner

My name is Jacob Gerstner. I’m a senior at Traverse City Central High School with a desire to make a difference. This fall I have started assisting, learning, and experiencing anything I can at MLUI.

Michigan has fostered all my hobbies, including biking, backpacking, and sailing. Our natural playground is a precious resource that must be looked after, and I’m thrilled to work with an organization that is doing just that.  Growing up and living in Traverse City for the past 18 years, I have seen first-hand how our city has changed. I’m excited to be working with people with a vision for the region’s future.

During my internship, I hope to explore some ideas I have had about how high school students interact with Traverse City, and to show the next generation of thinkers and decision makers what effective and productive environmental and communal resilience looks like.

I hope to take these experiences and apply them after high school—ideally at Michigan State University where I can pursue a degree in environmental policy.

The last few weeks I have spent here I have come to realize that the staff are some of the most forward thinking people I have ever met. Being here inspires me to see my ideas through. Experience in a field of work that is ever changing shows me how effective change is made. I’m planning to be like a sponge, soaking every bit of knowledge up. Look for some blog posts in the coming months about my experiences.



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