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Hans Voss: Too Much 'No' In Local Activists’ Voices, Actions

Hans Voss: Too Much 'No' In Local Activists’ Voices, Actions

Thriving Communities | November 2, 2015 | By Hans Voss

How is it that Sierra Club and other national environmental groups advance smart growth campaigns for urban growth because it reduces carbon emissions, but when density projects are proposed here in Traverse City, we lack organized support from the environmental community? The answer, unfortunately, is clear: it’s harder to advocate for something than it is to oppose something – and that’s a real problem.

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Hans Voss: Choosing TCL&P’s New Director Is a Big Deal

Clean Energy | February 14, 2013 | By Hans Voss

Our message is clear: TCL&P board members should look far and wide for a new director, attract the best candidates possible, and interview them with wide-open minds and complete transparency. Like every utility today, Traverse City’s is at a crossroads. It must choose between its business-as-usual model and the new, even revolutionary 21st-century models now emerging around the world.

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