Peter Garforth: The Full Video

July 3, 2012 | |

Energy expert Peter Garforth, right, talks with Traverse City Light & Power Executive Ed Rice and Barton Kirk of SEEDS.

It’s been nearly three weeks now since Peter Garforth moved us, and nearly 200 others, with his remarks on energy efficiency at our Community Leadership Summit at the Hagerty Center.

Mr. Garforth’s message that Traverse City could become a national leader in conserving energy and creating jobs clearly resonated with those in attendance, and it coincided nicely with our new report, produced by MLUI and area non-profit SEEDS, which found that public investment in the county’s municipal buildings would quickly begin saving tax dollars, create jobs and return millions of dollars annually back into the local economy.

We now have a full video of Mr. Garforth’s comments thanks to our friends at the Neahtawanta Center, and we continue to find them inspiring. We wanted to share them with you if you didn’t have a chance to attend the summit.

NOTE: The original video in this post is no longer available. Here’s another conversation with Peter Garforth.

As MLUI’s Executive Director Hans Voss said at the summit, we are serious about leading the way to a more prosperous economy in Northern Michigan through energy efficiency. We thank you for your support, and look for much more from us in the future on this critically important issue.


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