Pick of the Week: Strawberries

June 26, 2014 | |

There’s really something very special about farmers markets. 
It’s totally different than going to the supermarket—which feels like an errand, or a chore. A farmers market, on the other hand is an experience—something you look forward to. You get to be outside, engage with the community, maybe see some friends or make some new ones. I love meeting the people who grow your food and who are passionate about it.
This week, the market looks a little redder than it has in the past few week. Strawberries have arrived!
You have 2-3 weeks to go to the market and pick up your own quart of these sweet, beautiful berries. I bought mine from Bardenhagen Berries, and I can guarantee they are absolutely delicious. (Editor’s note: She’s not lying. Holy cow!)
When it comes to incorporating this local ingredient into your meal, you could make a pie, throw some into a yogurt or even a salad, but personally I love them as a snack in the morning or afternoon, or even after a summer run as a refreshing pick-me-up.

About Rebecca

Rebecca is interning with MLUI for the summer. As a new face to Traverse City, she's exploring all the things that make this place special. As part of her adventures, she's heading to the farmers market each week to see what's new. 

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