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10 Cents a Meal

You can make a real difference today. Local farmers and the school kids they can feed need your help in these difficult times. This program buys local, healthy food from local farmers and supplies kids and the schools they rely on. But it needs to be funded to work.

Let legislators and Governor Gretchen Whitmer know that funding for 10 Cents a Meal for Michigan’s Kids & Farms must be funded this year in a supplemental School Aid Budget and also next year. 10 Cents addresses critical needs in four different ways during the COVID-19 crisis.

Take Action

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Use this form to look up your Senator and Representative, and to send an email to them. The email will also be sent to Gov. Whitmer and legislative leaders, Speaker Lee Chatfield, Rep. Shane Hernandez, Sen. Jim Ananich, Sen. Curtis Hertel, Sen. Mike Shirkey, and Sen. Jim Stamas to expand 10 Cents funding.

Use the language as written or personalize it with your own reasons why this program is so critical to fund, especially now. 

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