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Educate Your Candidate

Right now, every seat in the Michigan House of Representatives is up for election! 

This is an important time to educate candidates about 10 Cents a Meal for Michigan’s Kids & Farms, the popular and effective state program that helps schools purchase Michigan-grown fruits and vegetables for school meals. Even if candidates are incumbents, they may not know about the program because it is a line item in the big School Aid Budget. But existing and would-be policymakers love learning about 10 Cents a Meal, and the more people know about it,  the more we can make investing in healthy, locally grown food for children in schools a part of Michigan’s identity. The COVID-19 crisis has shown how this is important now more than ever.

Look Up Your District

Email your candidates before the November 3rd election to let them know ways we can invest in our future by supporting healthy kids and thriving farms.

You can use this map on the left to find your district, and enter the number in the box below. Be sure to personalize your email with your home address , so candidates and campaign staff know you live in their district.

Here's why 10 Cents a Meal is so important:

Children’s Health and Wellbeing

  • 10 Cents a Meal provides kids access to nutritious, high-quality, local food so they are ready to learn and grow.
  • Students tried 67 new Michigan-grown fruits, vegetables, and dry beans that schools hadn't served to them before, thanks to 10 Cents a Meal. 
  • Schools are where our children get up to two or even three meals a day- even if school is out for a crisis like COVID.  


  • The program doubles the state’s investment because schools match the grant with existing school food dollars, usually federal. 
  • Schools direct the dollars to purchase Michigan-grown fruits, vegetables, and dry beans- keeping money in Michigan’s economy and ensuring a secure food supply.


  • In the last pilot year, schools purchased 93 different fruits, vegetables, and dry beans grown by 143 farms in 38 Michigan counties.
  • School food service directors say 10 Cents a Meal gives them needed funds to try new things, and children love the flavors and varieties that local farms grow -- like the many different apple varieties and fun, multi-colored carrots.


  • Farm to school activities enhance classroom education through hands-on learning about food, health, agriculture, and subjects like science and math.
  • Children also see their community reflected back to them when they learn where food comes from. Educators can draw connections to academics, such as teaching fractions by cutting up apples  while also celebrating the local apples in the lunch line. 



Other Ways You Can

Make a Difference

- You can also check out candidates’ web pages and social media to find times and dates for in-person or virtual coffee hours, town halls, and candidate forums.

- Here is a hand-out to share

Click on for more information about 10 Cents a Meal, and learn ways you can help spread awareness. 
Reminder: The 2020 general election will take place Tuesday, November 3rd