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Take Action

Urgent action alert! June 12, 2020

You can make a difference for children and farms by acting now. 

  • Add your name to the sign-on letter we are sending to legislators and Governor Whitmer to restore 10 Cents funding.
  • See who has already signed on here.
  • Deadline: The letter will be entered into the record at upcoming legislative budget hearings, which could be soon! Please sign-on to the letter today!

Please circulate this message to others who may be interested in signing on.

Why the need for urgent action:  If you haven’t stayed up to date on 10 Cents during the legislative process, the short story is it’s been a roller coaster of expected funding and then setbacks in the budget process despite bipartisan support and being poised to finally go statewide. COVID-19 is the latest factor. Here is some additional information: As a result of input from food service directors from around the state we have started both this sign-on letter and a major email campaign to policymakers to restore 10 Cents. Together, we have sent more than 350 emails to legislative leaders and the governor to restore this essential school food program. If you haven’t emailed yet, please do that, too! Keep us posted on what you hear back. And, again, encourage others to do the same.

Find more advocacy resources below


Let legislators and Governor Gretchen Whitmer know that funding for 10 Cents a Meal for Michigan’s Kids & Farms must finally be funded this year in a supplemental School Aid Budget and also next year. 10 Cents addresses critical needs in the COVID-19 crisis.

Educate Policymakers and Candidates

Legislators love it when they learn about 10 Cents, but the program is an easily missed line item in the 31j section of the School Aid Budget. Make sure legislators are educated about 10 Cents a Meal! And make sure candidates in Michigan’s upcoming House race are educated too!

Develop Relationships with Policymakers

Get to know policymakers, and let them get to know you. You can educate them about 10 Cents year-round. Then, when it’s time to advocate, they will already know you.

  • Check out your legislator’s web page to find the times and dates for coffee hours that they hold in your district. Put those coffee hours on your calendar!
  • Legislators and candidates are holding Virtual Town Halls. Follow their social media pages to learn more, and participate!
  • When you can meet legislators in person, set up appointments through their staff. They are happy to help.
  • Help your school plan a "legislator to lunch" event. The School Nutrition Association of Michigan has a toolkit here.
  • Thank your legislators!
  • Find your senator here, and your state representative here.

Advocate With Policymakers
Take your action beyond educating policymakers. At key times of the year, it’s time to make an ask for a specific amount of funding.

  • Sample 10 Cents Resolution
  • 10 Cents a Meal Highlights and Ask. Download this​ overview handout
  • Check out our other tips above in Take Action, Educate Policymakers, and Develop Relationships with Policymakers. 

Sign on as a Supporter

Join the schools, farms, parents, educators, businesses, health and economy advocates, and other citizens who endorse Michigan’s innovative 10 Cents a Meal for Michigan's Kids & Farms program. Those who have signed up as supporters or provided statements of support include the School Nutrition Association of Michigan, the Michigan Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Michigan League for Public Policy, Healthy Kids Healthy Michigan, Michigan Farm Bureau, Michigan Farmers Union, Michigan Vegetable Council, Michigan Food and Farming Systems, Detroit Food Policy Council, Crim Fitness Foundation in Flint, and school districts ranging from those in the Detroit region to the state’s Upper Peninsula.

  • Add your name to the list of people and organizations that embrace investing in local food for kids in schools as a positive part of Michigan’s identity. 
  • If you want, you can also be alerted to opportunities for advocacy.

Share With Others

Help us build awareness around the state!

Support Schools

For the 10 Cents policy to be successful, schools must be successful. 

  • Help schools seize the opportunity
  • You can help schools understand how to be strong applicants and grantees. A good start is the Grant Application Guide at the Tools for Schools tab of
  • Support schools in success: Successful grantees engage children so they are excited about trying new foods. Examples include taste tests in the cafeteria or classroom and fun facts about food for the eyes or brain. Food service staff and educators alike would welcome your help. More ideas are at the Build Your Farm to School Program page of Tools for Schools.

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