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Clean Energy


By the year 2025, the Traverse City area will achieve at least a 25% reduction in energy demand and an increase in renewable energy production to 25% of the total. We intend to put the region on the map with one of the best clean energy programs in Michigan and a national leader among rural regions. This program will have a true sense of ownership from the widest possible set of community leaders, government officials, business people, and citizens.


• TC Saves has helped more than 500 Traverse City homeowners receive home energy assessments and weatherization upgrades. That’s 20% of eligible owner-occupied homes in the city.

• MLUI’s special report, Energy Efficiency and Economic Opportunity in Grand Traverse County, showcased the economic and jobs potential of investing in energy efficiency.

• More than 200 business and community leaders attended the 2012 Energy Efficiency Leadership Summit to learn about the economic benefits of a communitywide energy efficiency program.

• MLUI provided in-depth coverage of energy issues throughout the state.