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Culinary Medicine: Resources

Friday, September 22, 2017
Session Presenters Resources

Welcome and Introduction (1 credit)

Dr. Jim Fox

Fred Laughlin

Paula Martin

Don Coe

Laura McCain


Participation booklet

Schedule at a Glance

Faculty Bios

CME Guide

Keynote Lecture: Culinary Medicine approaches that enhance dietary patterns and health outcomes (2 credits)

Dr. David Eisenberg

Healthy Kitchens for Healthy Lives: Take Home Messages and Teaching Kitchens of the Future

Total CME Credits: 3 credits
Saturday, September 23, 2017
Session Presenters Resources

Farmer’s Market Tour (1 credit)

Eliza Searles

Chef Joel Papcun

About Sara Hardy Farm Market

Exploring Food Access and Food Environments as an Adjunct Assessment Feature (2 credits)

Dr. Cyrus Ghaemi, DO

Les Hagamen, Operations Director Father Fred Foundation

Laura McCain, RD

Exploring Food Access and Food
Environments as an Adjunct
Assessment Feature

Using a Local Food Approach for Prevention and Chronic Disease Management (2 credits)

GLCI Chef Faculty members

Kelly Willson, RD 

Judi Marlin, MS, RDN,

Connie Metcalf, RD, CDE

Participation booklet

Culinary Medicine Briefing (1 credit)

Dr. Jennifer Lyon

Powerpoint presentation

Medical Nutrition Therapy in the Kitchen – Cooking and Discussion (3 credits)

GLCI faculty instructors

Mary Shanahan, MS, RD

Jodi Jocks, MS, RD, CDE

Emilie Klemptner, MS, RD

Participation booklet

Total CME Credits: 9 credits
Sunday, September 24, 2017
Session Presenters Resources

Keynote: Diet and the Gut Microbiome (1 credits)

Jean M Kerver, PhD, MSc, RD

Diet and the Gut Microbiome

Breakout session: Eat Better for Less: An introduction to Cooking Matters for Adults (2 credits)

Jane Rapin RD, CDE

Michelle Smith RD

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Education (SNAP- Ed) Program Instructors

Participation booklet

Breakout session: Core4 Weight Management Program, “Appetite Awareness Training” (2 credits)

Mary Shanahan, MS, RD

Laura McCain, RD

Kick off: A Celebration of Change for the rest of your life!

Breakout session: Overheard in the Diabetes Educator’s Office (2 credits)

Patricia Hennrick, RD, CDE

Thomas White, MD, FACOG

Overheard in a Diabetes Educator’s Office

Think like a Chef, Cook like a Dietician, Eat like a Local Farmer (1 credit)

Paula Martin, MS, RDN, LDN

Fred Laughlin, MS, CCE

Participation booklet

Sunday Tour A: Oryana Natural Foods Coop Tour (1 credit)

Ali Lopez

Devin Moore

Crystal Turner

Chef Ali’s Cooking on the Fly Healthy Recipes

Healthy Pantry

Super Food Kale Salad

Sunday Tour B: On the Farm Lower Michigan Farm Tour (2 credits)

Nic Theisen

Suzanne Pish

Roger Betz

Don Coe

Participation booklet

Total CME Credits: A-5 credits; B-6 credits
TOTAL AVAILABLE CME Credits: A-17 credits; B-18 credits