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Groundwork Shines

Michigan Clean Energy Conference & Fair

Traverse City will host the second annual Michigan Clean Energy Conference & Fair, June 21-23, at Northwestern Michigan College's Hagerty Center and Aeropark Drive Campus. Last year's Clean Energy Conference brought keynote speakers Mary Powell (CEO of Green Mountain Power) and Jennifer Granholm (former Michigan governor) to Traverse City, as well as a movie and panel discussion about the future of electric mobility and a Great Lakes Renewable Energy Association fair. Look for more details about the 2018 conference in the months to come.


Harnessing Clean Energy

solar resources and policy for renewable energy

Solar power has arrived as a vital part of Michigan’s energy future. We’re working with local solar installers to better understand the challenges and opportunities for solar in the Grand Traverse region. Across the U.S and parts of the world solar power has erupted as a new source of energy, as the price of panels has dropped 73% since 2006. Places like Germany, China and California are all investing heavily in solar energy, creating jobs and energy stability. But here in Michigan, investment in solar energy lags behind.

— Dan Worth, energy policy specialist



Groundwork advocates for progressive and forward thinking energy policy on the state level — policy that encourages energy efficiency first, promotes the budding solar and wind market to grow, and empowers local clean energy industries.


Encouraged by Groundwork, Michigan Climate Action Network, NMEAC and more, the Traverse City Commission committed to the goal of generating 100 percent of its municipal electricity from renewable sources by 2020, making it one of only two cities in Michigan to do so.


Groundwork Shines helps homeowners and businesses choose the right-sized, quality solar energy system for their house or building by connecting them with the installers who can make it happen. We give businesses, residents, non-profits, and local governments the opportunity to work with solar contractors to invest in their own system and earn a strong return.


In June 2018, Groundwork will team up with Northwestern Michigan College and stakeholders to host the second annual Michigan Clean Energy Conference in Traverse City.



Let's make northwest Michigan shine!

This is a terrific time to go solar in the Grand Traverse Area. Groundwork, working with other businesses, residents, nonprofits, local governments, and solar contractors, runs Groundwork Shinesan extraordinary opportunity to invest in your own solar power system and earn a strong return. 

Through Groundwork Shines, we help homeowners in the Grand Traverse Region choose a right-sized, quality solar system for their house - then connect them to the installers who can make it happen.

If you're interested in going solar, fill out the form below. 

Questions? Contact: Dan Worth, Clean Energy Policy Specialist,