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T.C. Mobility Lab

Traffic problems have taken on new urgency in Traverse City these days. 

Most locals agree that Traverse City’s existing transportation system is insufficient and existing roads are too often congested. Few people have, or are knowledgeable about, transportation options other than driving. These realities hurt the area’s quality of life, pollute the air, waste fuel and time and hamper business growth.

That’s why Groundwork is planning to soon launch an initiative aimed at two of Traverse City’s hottest topics: traffic and parking! We will be doing this in consultation with local public and private partners. 

Named the T.C. Mobility Lab, the project will truly operate in the spirit of a lab, experimenting with and testing different ideas and putting potential solutions in play so they can be assessed in the real world. 

Follow Groundwork to stay up-do-date on T.C. Mobility Lab efforts. In coming weeks and months, the Groundwork team and I will share stories of how other small towns are taking steps to free up road space and provide more ways people can leave their cars behind. 

If you have questions or are eager to get involved, then email Jim Bruckbauer at