Meet Dan Worth

Clean Energy Program Director

[email protected] | (617) 610-7399

As Groundwork’s Clean Energy Program Director, Dan Worth sees it, his job is to “basically talk to EVERYONE about clean energy, hear their thoughts about energy and what’s important to them, and then try to find common ground and aggregate all these interests to build awesome community energy efforts.”

Dan thinks it’s important to show people energy innovation and the potential of clean energy but also hear their criticisms and concede the limitations. “Once we do that, we’re not preaching, we’re exploring together. I enjoy those tough conversations about energy more than anything.”

For Dan, his advocacy for clean energy—and all the Groundwork program initiatives—are always connected to the life and community he wants for his family. He and his wife are raising two young children, so connecting them to biking, hiking, great local food and farmers, and of course clean energy, is imperative.

Dan is a longtime fan of smart and effective policy, so he’s excited to watch as Groundwork’s program models bring about healthy change. “It is nice to see pilot projects come to fruition and follow the lead of our food program, which has been brilliant at replicating their models and using them to influence state economic projects and policy,” he says

Good to know


Bachelor’s of Art in Philosophy, University of Michigan, law school at Boston University School of Law, Environmental Law Fellowship at Harvard Law School

In his spare time ...

Dan plays basketball, tennis, and volleyball and hangs out with his 6- and his 9-year-old, who will take as much time as he can give them. He especially enjoys engaging history books – often biographies, and, yes, plays Pokemon Go (which he pretends is on behalf of his kids).

Favorite spot in northern Michigan

His jogging route from his condo at the Homestead over to Thoreson farm and back along the beach. “I always tell my East Coast friends this place is like Vermont-meets-the-Cape.”

Why the prop?

"I chose my prop to show both the promise and problems with Clean Energy. It is an integrated solar/battery that provides me with extra juice when my phone dies and that can be charged on a sunny day. BUT, it’s also a super expensive and inefficient way to capture and store clean energy AND I often charge it in a wall outlet— whose electricity comes primarily from fossil fuels. I think it’s important to both show folks cool innovation and potential but also hear their criticisms and admit the limitations."

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