Meet hope heideman

Meet hope heideman

Foodcorps americorps service member

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For Hope, finding ways to dream and play with the kids in her care is an extraordinary and rewarding mission, which of course makes her a natural in her role as a FoodCorps AmeriCorps Service Member, assigned to our Petoskey office.

“Even elementary school can put a lot of pressure on students, and inviting them to explore the outdoors, express creativity, and lean into their robust imaginations while still learning about their food is really meaningful to me,” Hope says. “It’s an added bonus that my imagination gets to come along with theirs!”

As a FoodCorps service member, Hope teaches hands-on lessons to students from preschool through sixth grade at East Jordan and Boyne Falls Public Schools about the world of food. They discuss cycles of nature, crop science, cooking, and nutrition, and she also works closely with cafeteria and garden happenings. “Schools have such a unique opportunity to create environments for students to develop satisfying relationships with food—much of my role involves figuring out how to actualize this opportunity,” Hope says.

Good to know


Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Willamette University in Salem, Oregon.

In her spare time ...

Hope loves to garden, hike, forage, play guitar, jump in lakes, cook, craft, and rockhound.

Favorite spot in northern Michigan

Whaleback Natural Area and any U-pick fruit farm!

Why the prop?

“I get so enchanted by just looking for little things—honing observational skills and paying close attention to the differences in monotonous landscapes is one of my favorite ways to spend time. Looking for four-leaf clovers never fails to remind me that even the most elusive, obscured things can be obtained with close attention to detail and strong will!” Hope says.

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