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janie noah

Foodcorps americorps service member

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“I want to see a more equitable, loving world, and I feel that strengthening communities is a great place to start,” says Janie Noah, a FoodCorps Americorps Service Member serving from our Petoskey office. That “local first” perspective helps explain why Janie settled so well into the fabric of Groundwork, with its emphasis on local-based solutions.

As a FoodCorps service member, Janie supports schools in Pellston and Alanson with healthy food programming—especially important as schools figure a way forward during the pandemic. “I look for ways to promote a schoolwide culture of health,” she says. That service includes teaching lessons relating to nutrition and gardening to elementary students. She appreciates that being in the schools also gives her an up-close look at how one of Groundwork’s marquee programs, 10 Cents a Meal, is playing out in real time.

Janie studied elementary education in college, and a passion for education clearly pulses within her. “It's an incredible feeling when I'm leading a FoodCorps lesson and I can feel that the students are engaged and focused,” she says. “I have found that students really cling onto conversations and activities revolving around food. It is so rewarding to be able to organize opportunities for them to further their knowledge about food.”

Good to know


Studied elementary education and English as a second language at Aquinas College

In her spare time ...

Janie is doing anything where she can be outside and moving, especially running and hiking. When she heads indoors, it’s about knitting, cooking, and spending time with family

Favorite spot in northern Michigan

“There is so much beauty in northern Michigan! I think that anywhere along the shoreline of Lake Michigan is a happy place for me,” Janie says.

Why the prop?

Janie is holding a pair of running shoes because she does her best thinking, processing, and reflecting when she is in motion. “My favorite way to get to know a new area is by putting on my running shoes and exploring,” she says.

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