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Meet Nathan Medina

Meet nathan medina

Policy Specialist

[email protected] | (989) 295-9688

Jalapeños, tomatoes, basil, cucumbers, sweet corn, these are Nathan Medina’s favorite crops to raise in the “rather large garden” he plants in his Lansing backyard. The gardening desire first grabbed hold of Nathan when he was 12, and he’s been honing the skill ever since.

He has another hobby too, one he turned into his profession: legislative engagement and political strategy.

Who better, then, to take on the mission of 10 Cents a Meal Policy Specialist, with its goal of working with public officials and farmers to provide healthy, locally grown food to children in schools and pre-schools all across Michigan?

“Part of what I will be doing is building on the work that has been done when the program was in its pilot stage,” Nathan says. “I look forward to connecting growers with school districts around the state, who in turn will introduce students to fresh fruits, veggies and legumes, and engaging key decision makers to ensure that they know about this good work.”

Nathan’s passion for his work grows from a desire to be engaged in the field he loves in a manner that allows him to help everyday Michiganders. “It can be intimidating trying to engage elected officials with lofty titles. But the most rewarding part of my job has always been helping citizens engage their legislature in an effective and efficient manner, removing barriers for marginalized communities, and facilitating relationships.”

Good to know


Michigan State University, BA, Humanities, 2007

In his spare time ...

Nathan likes to take long walks through parks in Ingham County with his dog, Rosa, and his baby. He also loves to garden, cook with his wife, and go camping at Michigan state parks.

Favorite spot in northern Michigan

When Nathan and his family head Up North, they usually go to Cheboygan for summer boating adventures on the Black River, and to Boyne City to a family member's compound for the fall colors.

Why the prop?

I chose a record album because I am a music aficionado, specifically British rock bands from 1963 to 1982. Music helps me push through any adversity I may face—it’s a cheerful motivator and welcomed distraction.

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