Conference to connect dots between local food and wellness

Because of collaboration between the organizers of two back-to-back conferences in January at the Grand Traverse Resort, farmers now can learn practical tips on how to tap into wellness markets in hospitals, schools and workplaces. Employers, hospitals, schools, health practitioners and others at the same time can learn their own practical tips on how to use local farm foods to benefit their health and wellness initiatives.

Ag Forum: Institutions seek more local food

New businesses are working to meet the growing demand from buyers for locally grown food, and more food service directors are flexing their buying power and insisting that distributors figure out how to offer the option to buy local.

Ag Forum: Learn About Food, Farms & Health on Oct. 10

In the dizzying array of ever-evolving studies about which foods are healthiest, eating more fruits and vegetables is one fundamental piece of advice that health experts all agree is important in preventing chronic disease and living a vibrant, healthy life.

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