The Regional Rider: ‘Moving Forward’ Edition

June 20, 2013 | |

Transportation event highlighted efforts to create more transportation choices in the Traverse City region.

Hey transit fans,

Wow! Did you make it to the Getting Transportation to Work Commuter Summit??

If not, you missed THE best transportation event of the year.

This region is moving forward with new approaches to transportation and mobility and the summit highlighted that great work.

Jeff Tumlin showed us how the right, small-scale transportation investments over time will help Traverse City be the best it can be. I couldn’t agree more.

He also talked about how we can reduce traffic on our busy roads, how taxpayers and businesses can save millions by making it easier for people to ride the bus, bike and walk; and how riding the bus and carpooling can improve your love life and even get you promoted.

Here’s a recap of the event. Part I, Part II.

Northwest Michigan transit in action

Earlier this month, Benzie Bus and Munson Medical Center launched a new bus service that connects Lake Ann area commuters directly to the Munson’s Main Campus. Lake Ann commuters can park at the Lake Ann Methodist Church parking lot and jump on bus that takes them directly to Munson. We’ll keep you posted on the success of this pilot project.

A robust trail network brings with it one challenge: So many bikes, but not enough space on the bus. So on July 1, BATA will kick off its new Bike-n-Ride service, which will accommodate more bikes on its fixed-route buses between Traverse City and Suttons Bay. The new service is expected to be a big hit. We’ll give it a test ride as soon as it’s ready.

Have you checked out BATA’s new website? What a refreshing look!

The area’s ride-share website received a major facelift, too. The Northwest Michigan Council of Governments just launched their newly updated and easier-to-use version at Need a ride? Want to travel with others? Check it out.

Upcoming events

Parting thoughts…

Some of you were very quick to point out ways I could improve my poetry skills after last month’s attempt. Thanks for the feedback. 

I’ll spare you the rhymes this time…

Stanford University saved millions by paying staff to leave their cars at home.

Are there incentives for kayak commuting?

Another way to reduce traffic: Start a bike share program.

Grand Rapids staff says bike lanes save them money.

That’s great, and all, but I just can’t wait to see how their new bus rapid transit platforms will look.

See you on the bike AND bus!



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