The Value of a Farmers Market

July 9, 2014 | |

It’s a fresh Northern Michigan Wednesday morning. From many feet away, you can hear the noise of the Sara Hardy Farmers Market. You can hear the chattering floating through the air along with the laughter of children and other bustling noises that add to the energy that surrounds the market.

When you cross the bridge over the Boardman River, all kinds of commotion meet your eyes. There are vendors surrounded by vibrant produce, from green kale to heirloom tomatoes to bright red strawberries. Children run around excitedly pointing to various fruits and veggies. Patrons smile and converse with vendors and other market-goers. There is a fun vibe. People are enjoying themselves. 

You can hear the passion in the farmers’ voices about their produce in their interactions with patrons. They speak colorfully about the ingredients and about recipes. The excitement spreads to the customer who asks questions and learns more about the food they are bringing to their table.

You may have read some of my articles about trips to the farmers market. It’s an experience I always enjoy a huge amount. The sense of community, passion, and the great produce all make a great way to spend a Wednesday or Saturday morning. I’ve had so many positive moments where I learned something about an ingredient or was inspired by a recommended recipe and tried something new. 

This video is meant to highlight the passion, excitement, exchange of information— and just plain old fun—that is all part of a farmers market.


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