Tips for Commenting on Snyder’s Renewables Report

October 14, 2013 | |

The governor’s report on renewable energy is open for public comment until Wednesday, October 16.  Let’s make sure we dominate the comments section and show our strong support for increasing our use of renewable energy.

Here are some suggestions for submitting a comment:


º Thank Governor Snyder for his hard work on this important issue and taking the time to collect input from stakeholders across the state.

º Applaud him for recognizing the fact that the costs of renewable energy are going down due to improvements in technology.

Core Messages

º Be sure to personalize your comments. Your unique perspective is important and we don’t all want to submit the same thing.

º Be sure to talk about the issues that are most important to you.

º Feel free to include another line about cost and how reining in the rising costs of electricity is good for Michigan families, businesses, and communities.


º Here you might wish to embrace the governor’s goal of 30% by 2035 or encourage him to set a higher standard or get us to 30% even sooner than 2035.

You can submit your public comments here. The website requires you to set up an account in order to comment, but it’s quick and easy, and all comments are posted anonymously from “Community Member.”

Potential talking points

º Increasing renewable energy will make Michigan more competitive locally and internationally, bringing new businesses to the state.

  • Michigan spends $1.2 billion per year on coal imported from other states, which supplies 50 percent of our electricity and hinders job creation here.
  • Nearly 30 other states have pulled ahead of our state in the clean energy race, boasting stronger renewable energy and energy efficiency goals.
  • Lower energy costs will encourage Michigan businesses to continue investing in our state and our workers.
º Renewable energy and energy efficiency will help lower energy costs to consumers.
  • Michigan has the highest energy costs in the region, making our state uncompetitive.
  • Increasing renewable energy and energy efficiency will make utility costs more affordable for families and businesses throughout the state.
  • Renewable energy costs less than all other forms of energy, including coal and nuclear energy.
  • Improvements in technology have led to Consumers Energy proposing to eliminate renewable energy surcharges, and DTE Energy has proposed a drastic cut to its surcharge.
º Increasing Michigan’s use of renewable energy and energy efficiency will lower pollution and provide residents with cleaner and healthier air and water.
  • Expanding renewable energy and energy efficiency provide our state with cleaner and healthier air and water, protect the Great Lakes, and reduce illness.
  • Coal plants throughout the state emit dangerous levels of sulfur dioxide, mercury, and arsenic, which are linked to heart disease, childhood asthma, lung disease, and premature death.
  • Michiganders spend $1.5 billion annually on health care expenses caused by older coal burning plants. Replacing dirty energy with renewables and efficiency will lead to a healthier Michigan.


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